Trends in Indiana’s Building Design

Building design is a rapidly changing field in Indiana. New building materials and building techniques are constantly being developed to meet the needs of building owners, managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and others in the building industry. The following 12 trends show that this dynamic process will only continue into the future.

Eco-Friendly Interior Finishes

Walk into any modern building in Indiana, and you will likely find the building owners and architects are using sustainable, eco-friendly building materials that help to preserve the environment.

There is a push for building designers in Indiana to use steel framing with wooden studs, exterior insulation systems (EIFS), or light gauge metal roofs instead of traditional stick frame construction with asphalt shingles.

Building Information Modeling

This new building automation system allows a building designer in Indiana the ability to create a virtual model of a proposed building’s components so they can be studied prior to construction. The building designers use building information modeling to test building components for building performance, energy efficiency, and building design.

High-Performance Building Enclosure Systems

A high-performance building enclosure system is designed with the most advanced technology in Indiana, so they are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. There has been a shift among designers of commercial buildings towards EIFS and building wrap systems which improve building performance.


Building designers in Indiana are using pre-fabrication more than ever before to help speed up the construction process, lower costs, and increase building durability. Prefabricated building components, such as wall panels or structural steel framing, can be created off-site and then delivered to building sites where they are installed quickly.